The Translation Guides

For Particular People

Business People
Find out how to match the translation needs of your business to appropriate solutions. The questions to ask, and the options that are available.
Language Students
Learn how to make your study time more effective and fun. Selecting an appropriate course, getting help with homework and what you need when studying away from home.
Making arrangements, using guide books, learning the language and a quick reference for when you are there.

Related Activities

Choosing A Translation Company
What to look for and how much to pay. Some companies are also reviewed.
Buying Translation Software
Find out how to choose the best package. What software can do and what its limitations are. Also some reviews of the most popular products.
Displaying Foreign Web Pages
Discover the factors that may prevent foreign web pages displaying properly in your browser, and what you should do about them.
Language Identification
How to find out what language something is written in.

Useful Resources

Free Online Translations
Translate text between different languages online at the touch of a button! Although this service cannot provide high quality translations, it is enough to provide a quick and easy basic translation.
Electronic Gadgets
Several gadgets are reviewed. All of them are ideal for regular use, and many make excellent gifts!

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