Displaying Foreign Web Pages

When you try to view a web page in a foreign language, it does not always display properly. There are many different reasons why this may be the case, and there's a few standard things to try that may fix it.

If your computer does not have an appropriate font installed, you need to find some new fonts and install them. Sounds simple and it is.

You will normally have the required fonts as part of your computers operating system, but the language options will not always be turned on my default. There are too many different operating systems to provide help for all of them, so you'll have to do a quick search to find out how to enable the language of choice in your operating system.

Alternatively, just install a font with the correct character set. That may be all that's needed and again a quick search should find you the font you need.

Once the appropriate font is available on your system, hopefully everything will work, but it may not. It's possible you'll need to edit some settings in your web browser to let it know the new language is available. Try searching the help file for references to "fonts" or "character sets".

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