Translation for Business

First Question: Quick And Cheap or Professional

There are many occasions in business when it is useful or necessary to have something translated. Each occasion has its own considerations, and each has its most sensible solution. As someone who is very familiar with the different options available, let me guide you towards the best solution for your current needs.

It's all about communicating with clients, customers and suppliers. A quick email may be of little or no consequence, but at other times, the quality can be crucial to your success. The question to ask is how important is the quality of my translation? In order to ascertain the importance, the following questions may be helpful:

Choose now: Quick And Cheap or Professional?

Quick and Easy

The cheapest and easiest method is to use a computer. You can have text translated for free online (click here) or purchase some software. The quality of each will be about the same, so getting it done online for free is usually the best option.

The advantage of a software package is the added functionality it may provide. Some software will automatically translate incoming and outgoing emails. Others can translate text in word processor or desktop publishing packages without losing the formatting.

Click here for a complete guide to buying translation software.

More Important Documents

This can be a very difficult decision. There are many companies of professional human translators on the internet, and they vary in speed and quality. The guide to selecting a company continues on the Companies Page.

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