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All available features are detailed below. If you cannot find what you want, please check the coming features page to see if it will be added soon. Important: If you still cannot find what you want, please tell me so that I can add your requirements to this site. I want to make sure that all needs are catered for.

What you can find here:

Introduction to this Site
Who the site is for, and why it is useful.
General Guides
These are specifically for students, travellers and business people. All are completely comprehensive and offer a lot of help and good advice.
Translation Companies
This is a guide to selecting a professional translation company. Learn what features to look for, how much to pay and reviews of many of the best companies on the internet.
Language Identification
If you want to know what language something is written in, you can find out the easy way using the tools on this page!
This is a complete guide to choosing and buying translation software. Many popular titles are reviewed.
Several gadgets are reviewed. All of them are ideal for regular use, and many make excellent gifts!
Free Online Translations
Translate text between different languages online at the touch of a button! Although this service cannot provide high quality translations, it is enough to provide a quick and easy basic solution.
Learning A Language
A complete guide including all the resources you will need. Help choosing a course, help with homework and help for studying away from home. Some useful tips here!
Editors Pick
This is a new feature in which the editor of this site highlights a special company, translator, dictionary or piece of software. It has to be really good to be the "editors pick".
Displaying Foreign Web Pages
How to do it!
Coming Features
What you can expect to see added to this list over the next few weeks. If you have any more ideas and suggestions, you can submit them using a form on this page.
Job Openings
If there are any vacancies, they will be listed here. Otherwise, a small selection of other places to check will be listed.
Make Contact
If you want to get in touch and share your views about this site, you can. Your thoughts matter.
Link To Translation-Guide.com
Here you will find some example link codes and a banner.
About Us
Some background information for those who are interested.

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