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Internet access has made hiring a professional translator extremely easy. Some companies promise to return your work within the hour, and small pieces of text will only cost you a few dollars. Larger documents will cost more, so it is important to spend your money wisely. Here are some "must be included" features that you should look for. If they are not specifically addressed on the web site then look elsewhere. A company that does not highlight why their service is high quality probably does not offer a very high quality service.

Look For These Features

Proof Reading

  • The translators should be native speakers of the target language. This is the most important factor.

  • The work should be proof read by a second translator. Proof reading was important in the original, so it's important for the translated version as well.
  • Experience. There is no substitute for it! If possible, choose a company that specialises in your particular languages and document types.
  • How Much To Pay

    Prices do vary a little, but generally they are fairly standard. Remember that you can get a poor quality translation for free, so it would be silly to pay for one! Do not choose a company purely because of the price they offer. It is far better to choose a company because of the quality they provide.

    You can easily find out how much it will cost thanks to Translia. Simply visit their site and fill in the form for an instant quote. If they do not support the languages you require, there are a number of others who will.

    The Best Companies

    Making a directory of the best services has proved to be impossible, so here are a quick few to consider...

    One Hour Translation
    Real time human translators available 24/7 for people who don't like to wait.
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    Offering a fast service with real time progress monitoring, and a 100% satisfaction money-back guarantee.
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    Translation Agency BeTranslated
    Professional translators offering technical and commercial services in English, French, Spanish, Dutch, Italian, German. Specialized in website translation.

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