Language Identification

Find out what it is the easy way!

Once you know what language a piece of text is in, you can easily get it translated either online for free, or by a professional translator.

Computers are surprisingly good at this. Few humans know more than ten languages, but a software package can be trained to identify many more than that in a fraction of the time. They do however have their limitations.

Try the easy method first! That is the golden rule. Even if none of the computer programs can identify exactly what the text is, they will usually be able to find one that is close. This will make an excellent place for you to continue your search. Once you know roughly what you're dealing with you can find a professional translation company that has specialist translators who should be able to finalize the identity and carry out the translation work for you.

FREE Language Identification Tools

Unbelievably, the best tools are completely free to use! For best results, feed them as much text as you possibly can. If you are not sure whether there is more than one language, it is better to split the text and try each part separately. The software is extremely clever, but you can still confuse it by feeding in conflicting data.

Our favourite always used to be the TextCat Language Guesser which could identify more languages than its competitors. Sadly the online version of that tool is no longer available, but there are other good options now.

Always get a second opinion! There is no harm double checking, so it's a good idea to try multiple tools and make sure they agree.

If you still haven't got a good match, it is time to ask a professional translation company for help.

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