About Us

This website was founded in the late nineteen nineties, before many people even knew what the internet was.

Those of us who were online and saw the potential of the web were keen to share what we found, and that's how this site started. It was originally just links to the best resources with a little help and advice to accompany them.

Times have changed a lot since then:

There are of course many more things that have changed but there's no need to cover them all. The internet has changed our lives for the better, and continues to advance at a rapid pace.

Through all the changes, the purpose of this site remains the same: To connect users with the best tools and resources while sharing useful tips along the way.

In the old days the challenge was to find anything useful, today the challenge is to distil the mass of useful tools and information down to a useable collection that enable everyone to find what they need without being overwhelmed. That's our aim and we hope you find our efforts useful.

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